Pancakes (crepe style)


Adapted from Doves Farm Gluten Free Pancakes

So, it’s taken me quite a while to post my first actual recipe.  Pancake day seems so long ago, but it’s the first year I’ve been making these gluten-free.  I regularly make buckwheat pancakes for breakfast for me and my daughter (and will post a recipe eventually) but this is the first time I’ve used a pre-packaged flour blend to create something I was hoping would be like the original.  In general terms I’m either looking to recreate something reminiscent of the wheat version, or I’m going with something that is naturally without gluten and therefore delicious in its own right.  I can’t remember a year I’ve not eaten Shrove Tuesday pancakes and for me they are supposed to be a certain way so that’s what I was going for.

Pancakes (crepe style)

Prep time 65 minutes Cook time 10 minutes Makes 8-10 pancakes

  • 200g Doves Farm Gluten Free Plain White Flour
  • 2 large eggs
  • 1 tbsp sunflower oil
  • 500ml milk (I used Arla Lactofree  semi-skimmed milk)

Put the flour into a large mixing bowl and add the egg.  Pour about a quarter of the milk in and whisk, adding the remaining milk in several stages and whisking well after each addition.  The recipe on the Doves Farm website is a little vague at this point (I really should email them…) about the 1 tbsp of oil – they list it before the milk, implying it is an ingredient, but then make no mention of adding it to the batter.  They do suggest oiling the pan, and perhaps that is what it is for.  However, in my ‘pre no gluten’ days I was aware of pancake recipes that include melted butter in the batter, and I prefer to dry fry pancakes, so I added the tbsp of oil to the batter and whisked it in.  I then left it to rest for the suggested hour.

As it happened I made the first two pancakes after an hour and they were perfectly good – very similar to a wheat flour one in look and taste.  It seems the batter needs spreading out thinly in the pan to ensure you get a soft, flexible pancake.  And the batter itself needs whisking again prior to use because the flour mix sinks to the bottom of the bowl.  The first two had toppings of chopped banana and Nutella (for the 2-year-old naturally) and golden syrup for me.  Mmmmm delicious!  It was at this point I realised that Nutella has milk powder in it, and that it is yet another thing I will need to avoid from now on.  But let’s not dwell!!  Further pancakes were made for guests about two hours later.  The batter seemed thicker and easier to work with at this point, although the taste and texture of the pancake was the same as earlier.  I would recommend leaving the batter longer than the minimum hour suggested if at all possible, but I have no idea if there is a tipping point at which resting it has a negative outcome.  If you try it let me know!  I’d also love to hear about your favourite pancake toppings.  I love lemon and sugar, but this year it was all about the golden syrup.


5 thoughts on “Pancakes (crepe style)

  1. I love crepes! Filled with some sweet cream and either fresh peach slices or my Grandma`s homemade jarred peaches, they taste so good! I like to drizzle the top with a little honey, too.

    • I’m so jealous your Grandma makes her own jarred peaches! They don’t grow here (really – I’m sure someone’s managed it) but we do get a lot of jam making options. So I’m grateful for that. I hoping my cherry plum tree will produce fruit this year. That gives me a lot of sweet and savoury options for preserves.

      • It`s amazing! They taste so much better than the nasty kind in stores. My friends are always shocked when I let them try some 🙂 There are great fruits all across the world, and I think part of experiencing your corner of the planet is skipping things that are shipped from another continent for the most part. That, and peaches don`t ship well! If it makes you feel better, it`s almost impossible to find rose hips here. Well, I guess it will only make you feel better if you can get them, but the idea that I can`t eat all the yummy foods on Earth must make you feel a little better. Tell you what, why don`t we start a fruit party! If I could fly to you. Or you to me. Or something like that. In the meantime, we could do a blogging thing about it. You know, once there are fruits again. Darn you Winter!

      • Yeh the rosehips are easy to get here and they do make a great cordial. I will remain jealous of peaches though because I do love them! We get rhubarb now, in the hungry gap of the year. Do you get that? I love rhubarb, but it isn’t for everyone! Wouldn’t it be great to just travel round the world slowly, as each great local fruit came into season, so you could get the authentic experience as you went. I don’t like the idea of anyone missing out though!

      • We have rhubarb close to here, but it`s another thing that`s more available in my Grandma`s garden than the supermarket. It is definitely not in season, though! I guess only dried and canned foods are in season here, as we still are getting freezing temps too often for veggies and fruit to be happy. I need to get a greenhouse or something! So far I`ve mainly had rhubarb jelly, because my grandma and mother think the pie is disgusting. I like the jelly at least! I would love to travel the world, for fruits or just the sights! That is sad that not everyone can travel the world. (Myself included until I finish my degree)

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