I can’t Bellini that’s not a Mimosa (a cocktail)

I can't Bellini that's not a Mimosa

It’s snowing again here.  I mean really, how ridiculous?.  About this time last year running people were worried about heat exhaustion in the local half marathon because it was unseasonably warm.  This year they ran in sleet.  Crazy.  So time for a fruity cocktail, using seasonal ingredients, to bring Spring on.  Rhubarb is nothing new in a Bellini (Jamie Oliver has been doing it for years) but we don’t grow peaches here so it’s a good alternative.  And I’ve used freshly squeezed blood orange juice because the season for those is just coming to an end.  A last hurrah for the beautiful jewels they are.  I’ve also used cava and not champagne because I’m cheap 🙂 Drink your summery, fruity cocktail with the heating cranked up to max.  Enjoy responsibly!

I can’t Bellini that’s not a Mimosa

Prep time 3 hours (20mins to stew the rhubarb and the rest to chill) Cook time 5 minutes Makes 1 glass

Best served in a champagne flute

  • 2 tbsp rhubarb puree (cut stalks into 1″ pieces, add sugar, lemon juice and stew over a low heat for 20 minutes, then blend, then check for sweetness – keeps sealed in the fridge about 1 week)
  • freshly squeezed blood orange juice
  • chilled cava, prosecco, champagne, other sparkling wine or non-alcoholic apple cider for a virgin version*

Make the puree in advance so you have some hours to chill it, or your cocktail will be warm!  Drop 2 tbsp of puree into the bottom of your glass.  Half fill with the orange juice and then top up with the sparkly.  If you like the layer effect and have guests then serve as is with a small straw to swizzle.  You’ll need to stir the puree into the liquids before drinking or it will just sit at the bottom of the glass.  A slightly tart drink, but tasty and refreshing.

*double-check the wine you are using to ensure it is vegan if necessary


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