“I’d like to thank…

everyone I’ve ever met”. (Kim Basinger – Oscar acceptance speech, 70th Academy Awards).

Quoting one of my favourite vegetarians there, I’ve finally pulled myself together and written this post, having been nominated for some awards by some lovely bloggers out there.  Namely Traci Carver, The Great Zambini and Celiac Kiddo.  I feel like I’ve only been doing this blogging thing such a short time, surely no awards are justified.  But maybe it’s just my British sensibilities making me feel unworthy.  Nevertheless I’m thrilled with the nominations.  It means a lot.

So having looked into what should happen next I find that first, I am to display the badges:

Sweet blogleibster-awardhttp://celiackiddo.files.wordpress.com/2013/04/very-inspiring-blogger.jpg

Secondly I’m supposed to reveal seven things about myself, so here goes!

  1. I can juggle.  Two or three balls, never four.  It was ‘the thing’ students did when I was at Uni.  Handy party trick as I can’t play the piano.
  2. Talking of which, I can play the clarinet!  I gave it up when I went to Uni so I’ve not played for many years.  But apparently I could just do so because it is just like riding a bike.
  3. I can ride a bike.  It is nothing like playing a clarinet.
  4. I’m an only child (yes, I know that explains A LOT).  My child is an only child.  My mum was an only child.  Siblings mystify me but I love the concept.
  5. Although I’m all ‘right-on’ about ethical sourced food, save the environment, recycle your tinfoil, I’m also a terrible petrolhead.  My dream car would be a Mitsubishi Evo VIII. A girl can dream.  And I’m allowed one vice, aren’t I?
  6. I used to work at a riding stables, helping out as I couldn’t afford their lessons.  They’d let me ride the horses in the evening classes to exercise them if they’d not been used that day, after I’d finished my work there.  C had her first go on a pony the other day and loved it.  I’m beyond excited about that!
  7. I have one claim to fame – Gary Numan shot me in a game of Laserquest a bazillion years ago.  A friend in sixth form was a massive fan and won some sort of meet and greet with the great man.  He chose to play Laserquest with us.  Outstanding.

And lastly, I am to nominate further blogs for recognition.  So here, in no particular order, are the blogs I’d like to mention.  There are many, many blogs I’m loving and many of those already have a large following or have received awards. I’ve tried, therefore, to spread the love where I’m not sure it has crept in yet.  Ahhh.  Now I feel all warm and fuzzy!

  1. Gluten-Deprived Foodie
  2. Trang Quynh
  3. the gluten-free notebooks
  4. A Vegan in the Weeds
  5. The Hungry Gap
  6. applepiezucchini
  7. Dinner of Herbs
  8. In Vegetables We Trust
  9. Playful and Hungry
  10. the great vegan caper

Check out the above blogs – they’re all a bit foodie, some more than others, but I’m sure you’ll find something you like!  Thanks again to my nominators.


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