Iced chocolate traybake

Iced chocolate traybake

Adapted from 100 Cakes and Bakes by Mary Berry

Here is the first of many, many chocolate cakes…  Well ok, I might not post ALL of them, but I’m on the search for the perfect chocolate cake to use as the base for C’s third birthday cake.  She has requested, “a blue robot cake mummy, with blue icing and chocolate”, to quote her exactly.  I am genuinely pleased she’s made a choice.  Although her opinions aren’t always in exact alignment with mine (bedtime, tidying up, getting dressed…) I am excited that her personality is developing and she can express her wants and needs verbally.  I loved having a ‘baby’ very much, but it’s fun now she communicates so well.  So who am I to deny the child a birthday cake of her choosing for her party?  Wish me luck with the natural Spirulina based blue food colouring I’m intending to colour the fondant (she didn’t specify what shade of blue, thank goodness!).  I also need to find a tasty, yet sturdy, chocolate cake to bear the weight of the icing.  This is not that cake.  But it is delicious.  It’s very light and fluffy, and therefore disintegrates too easily for my needs.  Not that this should stop you making and enjoying it with friends over for coffee, or at a party that doesn’t require crazy coloured icing.  It got the thumbs up from the under 3s as well as the adults.  I used millet flour for this cake, to try and give it a bit more structure.  If you pay attention when you’re chewing you will feel it, but it’s not gritty.  More like a whole-wheat would have been back in the days when we ate that sort of thing, but much, much lighter.  You could probably sub this out with another flour if you preferred.  I’m trying to avoid too much rice flour after recent news reports about lead levels (following previous years’ reports about arsenic).  The chocolate may well mask the flavour of something like teff for example?  Anyway, if you come up with a good flour blend for it, do let me know!

Iced chocolate traybake

Prep time 20 minutes Cook time 35-40 minutes Makes one 12″x9″ traybake

Preheat oven to 160ºC fan assisted.  Grease the tin and line the bottom with parchment paper.

  • 4 level tbsp cocoa
  • 4 tbsp hot water
  • 225g butter softened
  • 225g light brown soft sugar
  • 1 tsp flaxseed, milled finely
  • 1 tsp chia seeds, milled finely
  • 1 tsp whole psyllium husk
  • 90g potato starch
  • 50g tapioca flour
  • 90g sorghum flour
  • 25g millet flour
  • 20g buckwheat flour
  • 3 tsp baking powder
  • 4 large eggs
  • 4 tbsp apricot jam
  • 150g chocolate (I used 100g dairy-free milk couverture and 50g normal plain)
  • 6 tbsp hot water
  • 350g icing sugar
  • 1 tsp sunflower oil

Mix the cocoa powder with the hot water and set to one side.  In a large bowl, or a stand mixer, beat the softened butter and sugar together until light and fluffy.  In a grinder, mill or liquidizer, whizz up the flaxseed and chia seed until you have a reasonably fine powder.  Measure into a medium bowl all the flours and add the flaxseed and chia seed powder, the psyllium husk and the baking powder.  Mix thoroughly until completely combined.  Add the flour mix, eggs and cocoa liquid to the creamed butter and sugar.  Mix thoroughly until combined.  It will look quite mousse-like and as though it may be on the verge of splitting.  Don’t worry, it won’t!  Pour into the prepared tin and bake in the oven for around 35-40 minutes, or until it springs back to the touch and a skewer in the centre comes out clean.  Mine always crack on top, but since it will be iced this is not a huge problem.  Turn out onto a wire rack to cool completely.  When the cake is completely cold, melt the apricot jam in a small saucepan over a low heat and then brush all over the top of the cake.  This helps the runny icing stick.  Then add the chocolate and water to another small pan and melt over a low heat, stirring occasionally until it is smooth and combined.  Set this aside until it is just tepid.  This step is important or your finished icing will be too hot and will just run off the cake!  In the meantime, sift the icing sugar into a large bowl.  Add the chocolate liquid to the icing sugar, measure in the sunflower oil, and beat together until you have a smooth consistency. Pour the topping over the cake and spread evenly using a spatula.  Leave for at least 30 minutes so the icing will set before cutting into squares and serving.


4 thoughts on “Iced chocolate traybake

  1. OH my YUM! This looks SO good! Like ridiculous! Can’t wait to try my hand at this over the weekend!
    I just did a post you might like and I would love if you could help me out.
    I made a vegetarian pumpkin gnocchi but it also links in with my fundraiser – I am running a 10K on May 19 and raising funds for the UN’s World Food Programme – I just think it’s crazy people are dying from starvation and malnutrition… I’d really love it if you could spread the word a little bit goes a long way!!
    Thanks SO much in advance!!

    • Hi Brooke! Absolutely I’ll mention your 10K next time I write a post. You’re so right it is crazy that people are dying, when we live with such plenty. I’m away right now, but should be posting again by the weekend, so I’ll be sure to link up to you then. Well done you, by the way, for really doing something worthwhile. It’s very inspiring. Penny.

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