Strawberry, banana and chocolate milkshake

Chocolate, strawberry and banana milkshake

Here in the UK it is National Vegetarian Week (today until the 26th) so in honour of that I will not be posting any meat recipes this week.  Veggie all the way baby!  To that end here is the first of this week’s treats.  I’ll try and mix it up a bit and not just give you all cakes and biscuits, I promise.  It is also school half-term next week (in this bit of the country at least) and there’s a long weekend coming up.  I feel everything has aligned for the purpose of milkshake!  We’ve gone back to gloomy weather but I’m going to do my absolute best to force out the sunshine with recipes designed for better weather.  Sunny indoors if nothing else.  This recipe is also so easy it is barely a recipe at all!  But if you’ve suddenly got marauding kids to deal with, a relatively healthy drink that is also a treat might be just the thing.  I’m using chocolate coconut milk drink here because I was curious to know what it was like really.  I regularly buy the plain version but I wondered how the chocolate one (it has cocoa and a little extra sugar in it) compared.  It is quite nice and not at all coconuty but quite thin, like skim cow’s milk.  Nice enough on its own but better as an ingredient in my opinion.  I’ve also used frozen banana chunks as they thicken up when blended so you get a luscious milkshake without resorting to fake thickeners which I can’t bear, or ice-cream which will be quite sugary.  Remember to pop some ripe bananas, chopped into chunks, into the freezer the night before you need to make this unless you keep some around anyway.  I find if I’ve got a glut of over-ripening bananas and I’m all done with banana bread, then I can still avoid waste by freezing the bananas in chunks for using in milkshakes, or just on their own whizzed up in the blender as soft ice cream.  I’ve therefore usually already got some in the freezer ready to go.  As for the strawberries, well I just can’t tell you how excited I am that the British strawberry season has started!  I have noticed that the punnet sizes are smaller (227g not 250g as they used to be) and I bet the price hasn’t changed.  Price rises by stealth are a big thing at the moment.  Anyway, I digress.  I got 3 packs for the price of 2 today, which would be no bargain if any went to waste.  Not likely in this house though!

Strawberry, banana and chocolate milkshake

Prep time 0 minutes or 12 hours overnight freezing time for the bananas if not already frozen Cook time 5 minutes  Makes 2 medium glasses

You will need a liquidizer or stick blender

  • 120g frozen banana chunks (one small banana)
  • 250ml chocolate coconut milk drink (I used Koko)
  • 227g (one UK punnet) strawberries, hulled and quartered if large, with two small ones reserved unhulled for garnish if using

Place all your ingredients into your liquidizer or a jug suitable for your stick blender and give it a whizz.  Scrape down the sides if necessary.  After a minute or so you should have a well blended, thick milkshake.  Add a drop more milk if required and blitz again.  Pour and serve, with garnish if using.


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