What we did last week

As C’s birthday approaches we’ve been busy entertaining family, having a party, seeing friends and next week we’ll be on our holidays in France!  So, apologies for the lack of posts, that will continue to appear sporadically for a couple of weeks now.  It’s a blog vacation too!  That said, here is a picture of C’s robot cake and a ‘recipe’ for how I made it.  The cake frosting is naturally coloured so, apart from the sugar, there was nothing to send the kids into a meltdown and obviously all is gluten-free.  C had a lovely party, all her little friends dressed up as robots, as did one of my adult friends (C thought this was BRILLIANT) and a good time was had by all.  I have to say I have the best mates. 🙂

Robot cake instructions

I followed the basic format of the Betty Crocker Robot Cake using a 12″ by 9″ traybake tin.  Double the recipe of the Chocolate Beetroot Cakes with Cherry Frosting, with this amount of batter also making 12 small mini muffins, which I used as the ‘ears’ and the ‘foot’ decorations.  I made a single batch of the cherry frosting BUT instead of cherry jam I doubled the vanilla essence and used a couple of tablespoons of soya milk to slacken the mixture.  I used Waitrose Essential natural food colourings in blue and black to make the pale blue and grey frostings.  The sweets are variously, Goody Good Stuff sour fruit salad, special edition Percy Pigs from M&S, Rowntrees Jelly Tots and Bear for kids 100% fruit yo yos.

All photos are the copyright and property of sensitive flour and are not to be reproduced in any format or in any medium without permission.


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