Herby cornbread

Herby cornbread

Adapted from 200 gluten-free recipes by Louise Blair

Oh happy day!  I have found a sour cream alternative low enough in lactose that I don’t get symptoms.  I’ve read in several places that food with lactose under 2g per 100g should be okay for most of those with lactose intolerance, and I’m pleased to say that this seems to be the case for me.  (As usual please note I’m no doctor, so don’t take my word for it – your health is in your hands, and always seek medical advice before changing your diet).  So stand up Rodda’s Crème Fraîche, which at 1.9g carbohydrate per 100g happily comes in just under the 2g mark.  Obviously I won’t be eating an entire mountain of the stuff, but it is nice to have a little blob on a chilli or swirled into a spicy soup.  I take great comfort when I can do something I consider normal, regardless of how bullish I may seem when it comes to making things gluten-free.  I am at peace with never consuming wheaty things again, but it feels like a victory when I can outsmart lactose intolerance.  I’ll have every inch of leeway I can get out of lactose thank you very much!  So, I gave you the veggie chilli I like to do in my slow-cooker in a prevous post, and here is something I like to serve with it (along with a little blob of that delicious crème fraîche).  C and I eat a lot of rice, so having an alternative just gives me more options when I’m juggling the menu plan.  It is relatively quick to make at 40-45 minutes from start to finish, so not as quick as rice (if like me you’ll be making it on the stove that’s only 20 minutes).  But if you’ve got a bit of spare time during the slow cook then this is very good.  Also, as this is better the day you make it, it might be worth considering when you know you’ve got enough people around to eat it all in one go.  It does go nicely with soup the next day though, warmed up a little bit in the oven first.  And crumbled it’s good for a gratin topping too.  Although this recipe makes a whole square of bread, with some planning you won’t have any waste.

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Vegetable burgers with sweet potato skinny fries


This blogging business keeps a girl honest I’ve discovered. I feel compelled to tell you the truth.  First off, that slice of tomato you see up there in that photo?  See how it is carefully nestled under that baby spinach which has all the lovely sriracha-laced mayo on it??  Whipped that baby right out of there after I took the photo without loss of lovely greens and delicious condiment.  Please see my previous post on my hatred of raw tomato (shudders) but that’s what goes in a burger, isn’t it?  Pretty!  But not for eating, until it’s safely in a soup or sauce.  And that cheeseboard I popped the burger and fries on because it looked so gastropub of 3 years ago?  Yep, swapped it for a plate I could load up with more fries and more mayo.  Lastly, and perhaps the most important point, is this recipe is work in progress.  It tasted great, but perhaps I will tweak further as I work on the structure of said burger.  Because I lost 2 of 4 made as they are delicate little souls that require the utmost care, or you’ll be cursing a pile of vegetable crumbs under your breath.  (Note – if you have no one within earshot, especially a child who likes to repeat every word you say, no need to keep the bad language to yourself – just let it out. You’ll feel so much better).  Continue reading

Sandwich bread


Adapted from Cinnamon Quill’s Gluten-free, Vegan Buckwheat Bread

Best laid plans and all that…  I’ve been making this particular bread quite a lot recently, and I was keen to share it with you all.  Before I start getting all adventurous like, I was thinking I’d pass on the reliables I’d found.  And this bread is one of those HURRAH! moments.  Will you be able to resist eating half this loaf in one go, with various favourite toppings???  It’s all I can do to stop myself.  However, I am also quite aware that it is another one from Cinnamon Quill’s site, and given I posted the chocolate chip cookies from there last week, it does rather run the risk of making it look as though my baking inspiration is a little narrow.  But I am unashamed people, because so many of her recipes are fabulous I feel it is my duty to bring them to your attention!  Also this week has been a catalogue of baking disasters, darling.  I will, when I’ve fortified myself with a suitable quantity of wine, share the horror.  In the meantime, instead of saving this bread for a later date, when the memory of the chocolate chip cookies are fading, I’m serving it up now.  There are no other scrumptious little items from the weekend to show you.  My baking mojo has gone on holiday without me.  So there is only bread.  Thank goodness it is so immense.

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Banana date bread


Adapted from Edible Existence’s Banana Date Bread

On Valentine’s Day I went for a splurge and made vanilla cupcakes from one of my favourite dedicated gluten-free baking books, Cake Angels by Julia Thomas.  I’ve listed some of my favourite recipe books on The Library page by the way, including this one with a link, and this is going to be a work in progress.  I’ve got a lot of books!  So, back to those cupcakes which were delicious but very indulgent.  Overcome with a need to produce something more worthy the following week, and faced with a glut of blackening bananas and a overflow of medjool dates, I searched the web.  And I was not disappointed in my quest.  This bread is very tasty, and the little kids loved it despite it not being overly sweet.  No extra sugar goes in, only that from the bananas and the dates.  If I made it again I’d pay more attention to chopping those dates.  Mine were a little bit… rustic?  I think the bread would be more evenly sweet if I did that.  We ate it again the following day and the texture was a bit more gummy than on the day it was baked.  By day three it was fairly solid, but there was only one slice left and the birds were grateful in this cold snap for it.  It may well toast at this stage but I’ve got no idea how succesful this might be.  If you try it, let me know!

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