Chocolate cookie and coconut ice cream sandwiches

Coconut and chocolate ice cream sandwich

Adapted from Gluten Free on a Shoestring’s Ice Cream Sandwich Chocolate Wafer Cookies and Vegan Coconut Ice Cream by Cate Alexandra on She Knows

A while back I got an ice cream maker because although Swedish Glace is delicious, the choice of flavours is a bit boring after a while.  I wanted to be able to make versions of all the Häagen-Daz and Ben & Jerry’s flavours I used to love but without the lactose.  Swirls, chunks, sprinkles and sauces – I want them all!  But we’re starting with the basics.  Here is a plain coconut ice cream, unsurprisingly made from coconut milk, with a bit of sugar and a bit of cornstarch.  It is creamy and delicious.  And, although I had my gluten-free ice cream cones on order (I’ve got to draw the line somewhere on homemade, and since I don’t like waffle cones I can’t imagine how I might recreate a rice paper one at home), I knew I needed something to hold my ice cream.  A bowl, you say?  Too easy!!  Plus I wanted something portable that C and I didn’t have to sit still to eat.  After some searching I decided on the ice cream sandwich cookies from Gluten Free on a Shoestring.  I was convinced by Nicole’s description of the perfect ice cream cookie not shattering on the first bite.  Sold!  I’ve tweaked the recipe slightly to remove the xanthan gum, and I make only half the amount as I’ve not got that many mouths to feed.  A quick mention of cocoa powder – in the USA they distinguish between ‘Dutch Process’ and ‘natural’ cocoa powders and we don’t do that in the UK.  The way to tell here what you are buying is to look at the ingredients to see if an alkalising agent has been added.  If yes, then it is Dutch Process, if not then it is natural.  I use Green & Black’s cocoa powder which is Dutch Process.  If you have an ice cream maker with a built in refrigeration unit (fancy!) then you don’t need to plan ahead, but with mine you chill the bowl before use and it’s got to be really cold or the ice cream won’t form and you’ll just have coconut soup.  Also you’re making a kind of custard with the ingredients which also needs chilling down before you try to make the ice cream.  So this recipe actually takes two days to make unless you have a posh ice cream maker, which is worth bearing in mind.  The cookies can be made on the day but I’ve found they keep quite well so you could make them advance.  The ice cream is vegan by the way, but the cookies have an egg and butter and so are not.

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